£120 of free accessories with your Pedego


The bicycle industry has an enormous amount of paraphernalia accompanying it. You can purchase an almost endless amount of accessories, gizmos and gadgets for both your bike and your person. There are a few essential things you must consider with your bike purchase, what we call the 3 S’s. Safety, Security and Storage.

SafetyBern helmet for Pedego electric bike

This is principally a Helmet. If you don’t already own one, a helmet is an essential purchase. There is a wealth of choice available. We supply a single quality brand that we feel does the job brilliantly, with quality and ascetics both scoring highly. That brand is BERN.

Typical cost between £40 – £70


Sadly bicycles do have a reputation for being easy targets for thieves. You need to consider a good lock for your bike. Again ABUS Lock with Pedego Electric Bikechoice is abundant. It is recommended you spend 10% of the value of your bike on a lock. When it comes to electric bikes that can seem excessive, but we would strongly recommend a “GOLD” standard lock. Locks are typically rated across the industry betweenn  1-15. Anything 12 and above is a gold standard and what we would recommend.  ABUS and can order any model you want.

Typical cost between £75 – £125


Adding carrying capacity to your bike is extremely useful. Baskets and Pannier bags are the best options. Being able to load your bike with shopping ensures you can use your electric bike on more than just rare occasions and raise the practical application of owning an electric bike.

Pedego Panniers – £35 

Functional and well fitting double sided Pedego Pannier bags.

Altura Pannier bag – £60

Single sided, fully waterproof larger pannier bag. Able to carry the largest of laptops for commuting to work. Connects firmly directly to the frame of the bike. Recommended if you are expecting to carry significant amounts.

Alternatives can be found at Zyro. Let us know what you want and we can get it for you.

Other Options

Phone HolderPhone holder with Pedego Electric Bike

All our bikes come with a control panel mounted on the handlebars that has a USB port, which you can plug your phone into and charge it up from your bike. Anyone with a smart phone knows of the problem of keeping it charged up. By the end of the day its running out battery. If you ride an electric bike with any frequency being able to charge your phone from your bike is a hugely useful asset. To support this capability we supply a phone holder, which clamps to the handlebars. They can accommodate any size of phone.


Water Bottle HolderWater holder with Pedego Electric Bike

The holders screw directly into the frame of the bike.


Frame ProtectionFrame protection with Pedego Electric Bike

When using your bike there are small sections of the frame prone to rubbing and scratching from the chain and cables. Protecting these areas maintains the bikes looks and will likely help maintain the bikes resale value should you decide to upgrade your bike in the years ahead.


Mudguards for Trail Tracker and Ridge Rider

A great set of mudguards for your off road electric bike. Essential really for wet and muddy riding.

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