What Does the Balloon Tyre Package Include?

Kevlar lined tyres with Pedego Electric Bikes


Balloon Tyres

The balloon tyres made by Schwalbe and the name of the style is – Fat Franks. These are some of the highest quality bicycle tyres available.

    • Kevlar lined, so highly puncture resistant
    • Reflective strip on both sides
    • Offer suspension support while you ride
    • Range of colours to choose from top style your bike how you like it
Luxury Bicycle saddle with Pedego Electric Bikes

Luxury wide saddle from Pedego

Luxury Suspension Saddle (Black or Brown)

    • Stitched leather
    • Full suspension rails
    • Contoured Padding
Padded handgrips with Pedego Electric Bikes


Padded Stitched Handgrips (Black or Brown)

    • Comfortable contoured shape
    • High density foam
    • Synthetic leather outer
    • End Caps

Your hands engage with a bike considerably. Do not underestimate the added comfort these provide

The balloon package is not fully applicable to all bikes. The tyres are not available on smaller wheeled bike such as the Mini Step-thru Cruiser and The Latch. Saddles and handgrips are applicable to all.

The whole package is £100. Without the tyres it’s £50.

Other Essentials 

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