Barry and his Boomerang

“Although I run a Nissan Leaf on rainy days, the Boomerang is great for quick local trips and of course I can park it just about anywhere.

On fine weekends it is wonderful for longer trips which would otherwise be quite tiring for a 75 year old! The quality of the bike is superb.

Running perfectly, the technology never ceases to amaze me and impresses many of my friends too. A lot of people stop to ask me about my Pedego and I feel like a cat with two tales !

The hand throttle over-ride is a godsend. So convenient. Hills and head winds are blown away and having instant power makes for safer cycling.

Very pleased I Pedego’s advice and chose the uprated battery and balloon tyres.. I have now fitted a front carrier bag and bungie straps on the back so I can bring home quite a lot of shopping from the village. Together with plenty of high viz clothing, helmet and a strong motorcycle lock I can leave home with confidence.

15mph up the local steep hill is fantastic and the acceleration available makes for excellent flexibility and assurance on the high street. If it starts to rain I can get home double quick.

Like my electric car, I now travel the future, relaxed, and with a contented smile..”

Pedegop Boomerang electric bike review

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