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Barry and his Boomerang

“Although I run a Nissan Leaf on rainy days, the Boomerang is great for quick local trips and of course I can park it just about anywhere.

On fine weekends it is wonderful for longer trips which would otherwise be quite tiring for a 75 year old! The quality of the bike is superb.

Running perfectly, the technology never ceases to amaze me and impresses many of my friends too. A lot of people stop to ask me about my Pedego and I feel like a cat with two tales !

The hand throttle over-ride is a godsend. So convenient. Hills and head winds are blown away and having instant power makes for safer cycling.

Very pleased I Pedego’s advice and chose the uprated battery and balloon tyres.. I have now fitted a front carrier bag and bungie straps on the back so I can bring home quite a lot of shopping from the village. Together with plenty of high viz clothing, helmet and a strong motorcycle lock I can leave home with confidence.

15mph up the local steep hill is fantastic and the acceleration available makes for excellent flexibility and assurance on the high street. If it starts to rain I can get home double quick.

Like my electric car, I now travel the future, relaxed, and with a contented smile..”

Pedegop Boomerang electric bike review

Pedego Tandem – 2 years of happy use

Electric Tandem BikeWe have now had our Pedego tandem for two years which is enough time to get over the initial euphoria and look objectively on our experiences and rating of this machine.

From the beginning it has been great fun to ride and has replaced the car for reasonably local journeys (up to about 15 miles) subject to weather conditions and we frequently use it for journeys up to about 35 miles round trip and sometimes further. We fitted saddlebags and use the Pedego for local shopping. As we live just West of London, where the facilities for cycling have improved in recent years, we sometimes use the Pedego to go into London for lunch or dinner or just to look around.

It looks very good and does attract rather a lot of attention and even if we leave it parked we often see people taking photos of it. The ride is good even off road and probably helped by the big tyres. The saddles are very comfortable, certainly the most comfortable we have ever had. The posture is also very good and very important for us in selecting any bike. Brakes and lights good.

electric tandem bikesWe mainly use the Pedego function at power levels 2 and 3 as much of our cycling is off road and the surfaces are  not good enough for higher speeds but nevertheless we are faster than most cyclists and can get up even the steepest hills. One of the great pleasures is to sail past the Lycra clad enthusiasts on their light weight bicycles as they struggle up the steeper hills in Richmond Park.

With careful use we get well over 50km of battery life per charge which is fine for our purposes because the tandem is quite heavy and without the battery it is heavy going up hill. The battery still seems as good as when we first purchased the Pedego.

Problems have been minor and rapidly corrected. Initially we had a few problems with the gear changing but a quick visit to the local cycle shop sorted that out immediately.

electric tandem bike londonRattling – we asked for the tandem to be fitted with a chain guard and initially had some rattling over bumps due to the chain touching the chain guard, however this was easily sorted within 10 minutes by putting adhesive felt along the inside top of the chain

Spokes – we had a few broken spokes in the early days as we neglected the advice to tighten the spokes after the first few hundred miles.

Pedego Europe have been very helpful in giving advice and providing spares whenever we had a problem or question.

We also have a normal tandem and a triplet (like the Goodies’ bike) and we see cycling not just as a method of transport but also as an important part of a healthy lifestyle based on the view that diet and exercise are the two most important inputs to a healthy life. So we are sometimes asked if having an electric bicycle is cheating as one does not get so much exercise as with a normal bicycle. In our own circumstances the answer is quite clear. Using the Pedego tandem is such a pleasant experience we very frequently use it on occasions where in the past we would have used the car or where the journey length would have been outside our comfort zone. Furthermore using a low level of power-assist, especially on steeper hills there is certainly sufficient exercise to raise the heart rate substantially; consequently our usual journeys not only leave our legs telling us that we have done significant work but also satisfied that the increase in heart rate and continuous exercise have contributed positively to our cardiovascular health. Everyone is different and the electric bike permits each individual to choose the level of exercise he or she wants in getting from A to B.

Electric tandem bicycleThat’s all, the Pedego Tandem is a great bike, we are certainly happy that we bought it and it is giving us much pleasure as a method of transport, a leisure activity and a means of exercise.

Michael Flynn

Les Hunter

Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 15.23.01“Les had been seeking ways to improve his mobility as he manages his ME. A mobility scooter just didn’t feel right, almost conceding too much to the condition, so he was very interested to explore the option of an electric bike. After a visit to Pedego and a test ride the possibilities quickly became apparent. “The first time you try an electric bike it can be a little unnerving, but I quickly got to grips with it and what naturally follows riding a Pedego is a smile. The bike is very easy to use with the electric motor giving as much or as little assistance as I need therefore keeping my energy levels under control, after nearly a year of owning one I continue to enjoy riding it as much as possible. You can see here I’m dressed for the cold, it won’t put me off. My ability to get out and about has dramatically improved, I am now getting the controlled exercise I needed which just wasn’t possible with the scooter.My confidence on the bike quickly sky-rocketed, happy going out on it for miles and miles and with that life is certainly better. The wife now has one as well so we can go out together.

The Wide Ranging Appeal of Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes For everyone

Traditionally, electric bikes might have been seen as exclusively for the ageing cyclist or those with mobility issues. Increasingly, however, they are appealing to a broadening demographic, as people catch on to the multiplicity of other reasons to have one.

As part of my research into the phenomenon of the electric bicycle, I borrowed a bike from Daniel at Pedego Europe to try out for a week. I was curious to see if I could use it, in place of my car and how that would be. Before I moved to the Stroud valleys and lived in flatter terrain, I loved to cycle. Moving to a more rural, hilly setting, I found that my bike was gathering cobwebs in the shed. The reality was, that while I consider myself to be pretty physically fit, the actual thought of arriving sweaty at work after scaling a hill or struggling up an incline with my shopping in a rucksack just didn’t really appeal and I began, with regret, to use my car more and more.

Between me and my place of work, ten miles away, is a very long and steep hill. Now and again you’ll see a brave cyclist defeated by the climb, walking with their bike at the side of the road. I’d never fancied tackling it myself, especially before a hectic day of teaching… so I drive. With the Pedego, I was able to scale the hill with no discomfort at all and my journey took only ten minutes longer than by car. On top of that, I arrived at work feeling invigorated by my journey rather than exhausted or, as is often the case when I drive, still half-asleep. I couldn’t wait to get back on the bike at the end of my day at work; it was so much fun. I felt as if my commute enriched my day rather than being ‘dead’ time. The weekend was even more fun… cycling out to rural pubs for lunch (with my keen cyclist boyfriend struggling to keep up on his expensive racing bike.) Countless people stopped to ask me about the Pedego. It became quite a talking point and its relevance to people from all walks of life became even more apparent.

Following my own I experience, I talked to other Pedego owners to find out about their reasons for choosing an electric bike. I found that the reasons were as diverse as the owners:

After a couple of months with his Pedego trail tracker, 31 year old Pete Jacobs sold his car to go full time electric:

‘I can’t begin to tell you how much it has changed my life,’ he says. ‘It is hard to put into words… but I have no regrets in selling the car. Apart from a few pounds a month to insure it, I don’t have any costs… it’s fun and free.’

Pete uses his bike to travel for his landscaping job in the Stroud area, as well as general transport. Having chosen the trail tracker model, he takes it off road at weekends, for fun.

‘There’s a fitness side to it too. You do sometimes have to work at it so for me, it has been good exercise alongside football and squash. The experience as a whole has been fantastic,’ he adds.

When I ask how he thinks he’ll feel about being car-less through the winter months, he seems un-phased.

‘I’ve bought wind proofs and waterproofs. As long as I have the right gear, I’m sure it won’t change my opinion. This is the future… and it’s green.’

Pete isn’t alone in his choice of an electric bike as his sole mode of transport. Freelance actress and model, Bryony West has always been happier on a bike:

‘I was pretty much cycling before I could walk,’ she says. ‘Over the years, I’ve had all sorts of bikes including trikes and bikes with contraptions on the back to carry kids. I’m not very good in a car. In fact my driving instructor refused to carry on teaching me!’

Bryony decided to look for an electric bike for her commute, while living and working in London.

‘I was doing a 17 mile round trip from Enfield to Highbury and Islington and I wouldn’t have wanted to do that on a normal bike. I feel much safer on the Pedego; If I feel I’m about to be squashed by a lorry, I can zip ahead and out of the way.’

Moving to Suffolk in recent months, Bryony is now using her bike in a functional way for everyday living. She uses her bike for the supermarket shop, travelling to the nearest towns and trips to the pub.

‘Living in the country, people always ask me how on earth I can manage without a car, when actually it’s easier and quicker,’ she says.

Unlike Bryony, Johan Christian Brun was forced into switching to cycling. Christian lives and works in Stavanger, Norway as an engineer. When his company offices moved, parking became restricted and he had to find alternative transport.

‘I started on a manual bike but this didn’t work for me. At 54 I’m not as young as I used to be and my legs were hurting,’ he says.

A year on, Christian is very pleased with the choice he made. He finds his Pedego ‘Comfort Cruiser’ comfortable, fun and easy to ride.

“I like the help the motor gives me and I tell you what, it’s faster to get to work on the bike than to drive because of the congestion,” he adds.

At the younger end of the spectrum, Liam Moore, aged 21, has been using his ‘Comfort Cruiser’ as his sole means of transport for two years.

‘At the time I got it, it was the style of the bike that interested me. I was working seven miles away and used it for the commute as well as a plaything… to visit friends, shops and sporting events.’

‘I love the efficiency of it, the styling and the fact that I can park up anywhere,’ he adds. ‘Stroud is a very hilly area and it’s the perfect tool for getting places without having to sweat.’

So clearly the electric bike isn’t just for older people or those experiencing mobility issues but it can certainly be life changing for those that do. I spoke to an amazing lady who says that her life has been changed by her bright pink and turquoise Pedego ‘Mini Cruiser.’

Jennifer Rowe MBE, will be seventy on her next birthday but is quick to remind me that she doesn’t look it. She received her MBE for service to youth and to the people of Gloucestershire. Describing herself as being quite badly disabled, Jennifer has arthritis, asthma and incurable but treatable cancer. She tried out a Pedego back in June and hasn’t looked back.

‘The arthritis limits me enormously. Just walking the dog a hundred yards means that I’m in agony. On the bike, I can go for miles slowly pedalling and using the motor and it’s actually good for my knees,’ she says.

‘I get an enormous amount of pleasure from cycling. I have a car but it’s not the same… you don’t get to interact in the same way with people. You’re much more in touch with the outdoors on a bicycle as well. In August and September, you could smell the harvest in the air. You don’t notice things like that in a car,’ She adds.

Jennifer says that the main thing for her is the fun she gets from being able to cycle and describes overtaking a lycra clad cyclist, on her way up to Selsley Common, with amusement:

‘He was there struggling and sweating his poor little socks off only to be overtaken by an old biddy, whizzing like there’s no tomorrow. He said something along the lines of ‘blinking heck’ to which I replied-‘It’s ok, I’m mechanised.’ I could hear him laughing as I cycled off ahead.’

So what about the lycra clad cyclist? Would you catch a serious athlete riding an electric bike? It turns out you would…

Winning the Bronze medal at the 2012 Paralympics for the tandem road time trial, James Brown, who is partially sighted, has also competed in thirteen world championships in different sports during his career; including track events, cross country skiing and cycling.

It was in May 2014, while training on a tandem that James had a bad crash and was airlifted to hospital with a broken collar bone and five broken ribs. Not wanting to stay cooped up at home afterwards, he bought his ‘Pedego City Commuter’ for recuperation purposes and now uses it every day.

‘The Pedego allows me to do things I could never do before and the world has opened up. I can’t use a car but now I can jump on the bike and I’ve got a great little trailer for it. On a conventional bike you are quite limited as to what you can carry but the Pedego is robust enough for towing,’ he explains.

A strong advocate of pedal power, James points out that being a professional cyclist doesn’t exclude you from also using an electric bike:

‘I’m very keen to see more bikes on the road. A bike revolution is happening in the UK and I think that electric bikes will offer a significant contribution to an explosion of bike use, for all sorts of reasons.’

Though diverse in age, gender, occupation and location, the people that I have spoken to all share one thing in common; they are all passionate about their electric bikes and talk about their lives being changed by the experience of owning one. Whether they chose one for economic, ecologic, practical or health reasons, or even just for pure enjoyment, they love their bikes. ‘You must get one!’ I keep being told… I’m going to.

By Lara Piper

James Brown – Paralympic Cyclist

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 14.13.13

Paralympic medallist James Brown is testament to the fact that you can be a serious cyclist and have an electric bike.

Winning the Bronze medal at the 2012 Paralympics for the tandem road time trial, James, who is partially sighted, has also competed in thirteen world championships in different sports during his career; including track events, cross country skiing and cycling.

With four Paralympic Games, seven World Championships and two European Championships under his belt, James continues to train as a full-time athlete, with support from the Irish Sports Council. At nearly fifty, James puts continued improvements in his athletic performance partly down to his work with his strength and conditioning coach, David Conlon, as well as training on a static bike and on a tandem.

It was in May 2014, while training on a tandem that James had a bad crash and was airlifted to hospital with a broken collar bone and five broken ribs. Not wanting to stay cooped up at home afterwards, he bought his ‘Pedego City Commuter’ for recuperation purposes and now uses it every day.

‘The Pedego allows me to do things I could never do before and the world has opened up. I can’t use a car but now I can jump on the bike and I’ve got a great little trailer for it. On a conventional bike you are quite limited as to what you can carry but the Pedego is robust enough for towing,’ he explains.

James likes to support local businesses and uses his bike for shopping in the area around his home in Stonehouse. He uses his Pedego for trips to the gym and has taken the bike on the train for longer journeys. Visiting his girlfriend in Wiltshire, 47 miles away, is also possible with the Classic City Commuter Electric Bike, and James has found that he still has battery life left in his Pedego after making this trip.

A strong advocate of pedal power, James points out that being a professional cyclist doesn’t exclude you from also using an electric bike:
‘I’m very keen to see more bikes on the road. A bike revolution is happening in the UK and I think that electric bikes will offer a significant contribution to an explosion of bike use, for all sorts of reasons.’

Despite his crash in May, James was able to compete in tandem track cycling, for Northern Ireland, in the 2014 Commonwealth games:
‘It was the first event of this kind to allow para-athletes and mainstream athletes to be together in the same games. It gave great exposure to tandem events on the track and it was a great feeling to take part in such an historic event,’ he says.

Following the games, James is taking a break, for now, from competitive cycling. Rather than taking it easy, however, he’s planning a world record attempt…

By Lara Piper

Mike and Jenny Oxley enjoy exploring new places together on their ‘Pedego Comfort Cruisers

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 10.27.17

Now that they have retired, Mike and Jenny, from Poole, are spending around twenty weeks a year at their property near Denia, Spain. They bought the bikes to use whilst over there and have certainly been giving them plenty of mileage.

“In the first month, I have clocked up four hundred miles and my wife, Jenny, has done about two hundred and fifty. It has just been brilliant,” says Mike.

The couple first experienced Pedego bikes while visiting their son in Portland, Oregon.

“We took a trip to the west coast of Oregon for a week and went for a trek on some electric bikes. We thought this was a great experience, to the point that we took the name of the bikes and got hold of Daniel at Pedego Europe when we got home. We went to visit him in Gloucestershire and bought two bikes straight away,” Mike explains.

Now that they have the bikes in Spain, Mike and Jenny are enjoying cycling to new areas that would have been out of reach for them before.

“We can go to new places along the lovely little roads there and not consider the length of time or mileage to get back. We don’t have to worry about inclines making the journey too strenuous and use the power assist just when required so that we are still getting lots of exercise. Cycling is something you look forward to if there is no hardship about it.”

Mike and Jenny don’t just use the bikes for leisure. They use panniers to enable them to go shopping at the local fruit market and even to do their supermarket shop.

“For the last four weeks in Spain, the sun has shone every day. Why would you want to go anywhere by car?” says Mike.

The couple now hope to explore even further afield together by taking their bikes on the train with them.

By Lara Piper

Customer Case Study – Johan Christian Brun (Norway)

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 11.19.09

Christian Brun finds that the commute to work is now ‘a piece of cake’ thanks to his Classic Comfort Cruiser.
Christian lives and works in Stavanger as an engineer for a company that serves, primarily, the offshore oil industry. When his company offices moved, parking became restricted and he was forced to find alternative transport.
“I started on a manual bike but this didn’t work for me. At 54 I’m not as young as I used to be and my legs were hurting,” he says.
“I searched the net for an electric bike and found Pedego. I liked the look of them and that they were upright with a nice comfortable seat. Many others that I had seen were narrow with hard seats and leaned forwards. These were different.”
A year later, Christian is very pleased with the choice he made and finds his Pedego comfortable, fun and easy to ride.
“I like the help the motor gives me and I tell you what, it’s faster to get to work on the bike than to drive because of the congestion,” he adds.
Christian’s bike has created plenty of interest amongst his co-workers as they are forced to reconsider their modes of transport.
“In six months’ time parking at work will be reduced to 120 spaces for 2000 people and it’s going to be tough. Many people have tried my Pedego around the office buildings here and been very impressed.”

Learn more about the Classic Comfort Cruiser here

By Lara Piper

Customer case study – Ida Forsmark (Sweden)

Twins Ida and Alva Forsmark enjoying a cycle ride in Stockholm

Twins Ida and Alva Forsmark enjoying a cycle ride in Stockholm


Ida Forsmark became the happiest child in town the day she could ride a bike just like her twin sister Alva.

Ida, aged 10, has cerebral palsy which affects her movement and coordination, but thanks to Pedego she can now cycle and her self-esteem has had a huge boost.

Parents Elin and Anders, who live in Stockholm, discovered Pedego from a friend’s recommendation and received the Step-Thru Mini Comfort Cruiser in February. Elin works at a car workshop and her team fitted stabilisers to enable Ida to practice.

“They are identical twins but Alva doesn’t have cerebral palsy, so it has been a really big issue that Ida wanted to cycle with her sister,” Elin says.

“This means the world to us, it is amazing, Ida is so happy and she has been able to ride it without the stabilisers now too.”

Ida can walk but gets tired very quickly and usually uses a wheelchair, so her parents were delighted with the help and support from Pedego electric bikes and Ida enjoyed choosing the colour – bright orange.

“This bike has truly changed my daughter’s life, there have been a lot of tears I can promise you and it is incredible for us as a family,” Elin adds.

“The only problem is that after we tried it everyone in our family wants one and we’ve shown it to all our friends and everyone loves it!”

Learn more about the Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser here

Swedish translation

Ida Forsmark blev stadens lyckligaste tjej den dagen hon äntligen kunde cykla som sin tvillingsyster Alva.

Ida, 10 år, har en CP-skada som begränsar hennes rörelseförmåga och koordination, men tack vare Pedego kan hon nu cykla själv och hennes självkänsla har ökat massor.

Föräldrarna Elin och Anders, som bor i Stockholm, hittade Pedego genom en väns rekommendation och fick hem en Step-Thru Mini Comfort Cruiser i februari. Elin jobbar på en bilverkstad och hennes arbetskamrater hjälpte till att bygga ett fäste för specialstödhjul så att Ida kan cykla på den.

“De är enäggstvillingar men Alva har ingen CP-skada så det har varit en väldigt stor grej för Ida att inte kunna cykla med sin syster” berättar Elin. “Ida har problem med svaghet i benen som har förhindrat henne från att orka trampa upp tillräcklig med fart för att få upp bra balans. Denna cykel betyder så mycket för oss, det är otroligt. Ida är så glad och hon har till och med klarat av att cykla kortare sträckor utan stödhjulen nu!”

Ida kan gå men blir trött väldigt fort och får ont så hon behöver använda rullstol som avlastning. Hennes föräldrar är så glada över att hon nu även kan ta sig fram med hjälp av en Pedego elcykel och Ida älskar den fina färgen som hon själv fick välja, härlig korall med turkosa hjulsidor.

“Den här cykeln har berikat min dotters liv så otroligt, det har varit massa tårar kan jag lova dig och det är en fantastisk grej för min familj, tillägger Elin. “Det enda problemet nu är att efter vi provat den vill alla i vår familj ha en. Alla våra vänner med!”

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Customer case study – Steve Lund

Steve Lund











Steve Lund has explored miles and miles of Gloucestershire countryside he would never have seen without his Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser.

He regularly takes detours to extend his commute – and once got home so quickly he turned around and cycled back again, just for fun!

He has cycled 1,000 miles in just six months and loved every minute, but it was due to a serious injury that he first discovered the joy of owning a Pedego electric bike.

“I had a back operation in 2010 and needed to do a bit of cycling, but I didn’t fancy a fixed bike in a gym and the hills around Stroud were quite daunting, then I saw someone riding a Pedego and they looked really stylish,” he says.

“In 2012 the car finally failed its MOT and I decided not to buy another car, I bought a Pedego instead and I don’t regret it for a second, it’s my only mode of transport and it’s terrific, really wonderful.”

Steve commutes 12 miles a day to Ruskin Mill College in Gloucestershire, where he is a student journey manager. He also enjoys a longer ride most weekends, pops into town regularly and shoulders a bag for the supermarket run.

“The best thing about it is getting to places where I wouldn’t ordinarily have gone, near enough every day coming home from work I’ll explore new routes,” he adds.

“Quite often I’ll cycle up over the common and I’ll do a longer ride once a week to Cirencester or Cheltenham, particularly in the better weather. I don’t like getting home too quickly because it is so much fun!

“It always attracts attention when I’m riding around with a big smile and I’m never short of people who stop and ask about the bike when I take it to the pub.”

Learn more about the Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser here…

Customer case study – Tapio Lehto (Finland)

Tapio Lehto















PHOTO CAPTION: Tapio Lehto, the first Pedego owner in Finland


Tapio Lehto is proud to be the first person in Finland to own a Pedego and describes his Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser as “the best bike ever”.

He works as Head Greenkeeper on a golf course and it takes about 15 minutes to cycle to work each day with his electric bike. After a hard day’s work he enjoys the flexibility of being able to choose the right support setting for his energy levels, so he can combine just the right amount of exercise and enjoyment every time.

“The best thing about Pedego is that you don’t have to sweat if you don’t want to, but when I cycle back home I use a lower adjusting mode and get some kind of exercise going on (if I want to),” he says.

Tapio bought his bike from Pedego Europe, based in the UK, which arranged for the bike to be delivered to his door.

“Here in Finland they don’t sell Pedego and my bike was the first Pedego at that time last year,” Tapio adds.

“Pedego was very helpful and I am very happy, I wonder what I did before I had an electric bike, I probably used my car which was a lot less fun.

“It is sweet to go uphill and lean back, smile and overtake some normal cyclists with full throttle on. I can listen to the birds singing and smell the newly mowed grass, with wind in my hair and a smile on my face as I continue my journey towards the new adventures with my best bike ever!”

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Customer case study – Roger Gaspar

Roger Gaspar 1

PHOTO CAPTION: Roger Gaspar is getting fitter and loving his retirement with Pedego


Roger Gaspar’s perfect day involves cycling, sailing and a sea breeze – and thanks to Pedego his dream has become a reality.

He damaged his knee in a swimming pool a few years ago, but his mobility and fitness have improved with regular exercise on his City Commuter electric bike.

Roger, aged 66, is a retired police officer who lives on Mersea Island in Essex and bought his Pedego last year to try and keep as fit as possible – especially when the island gets cut off by the tide.

He said: “It changed my attitude to cycling. I needed a bike to get around the village, to the yacht club for sailing and to climb a stiff little hill on the way back up. I now find my knee has improved a lot, without strain on the joint, which has aided my walking too.”

Roger described his Pedego purchase as a ‘bold investment’ but he is delighted and now enjoys cycling all year round.

“I really like the bike, it’s convenient in the summer and I use it in winter as well – it is brilliant into a headwind. My ideal day is to go down to the yacht club, go sailing for the day and inevitably there will be a sea breeze, I’m pretty shattered by the end of it and the Pedego is perfect to get me around the island.

“I also like the style, a lot of e-bikes have elongated frames and I never liked that design, whereas the Pedego is a classic British style of bike, is a good quality design and I like the extra features too.”

One recent challenge was having to explain to his grandson James that he couldn’t take the bike to university.

Roger joked: “He loves riding it and asked me but I had to say no, I wouldn’t want to be without it.”

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Customer case study – Cedric Blanchot (France)

Cedric is enjoying his Pedego Comfort Cruiser in France and has written his story in French. There is an English translation below.

Cedric France (2)

Cedric Blanchot enjoying the great outdoors in France on his Pedego Comfort Cruiser


Voici mon histoire d’amour avec Pedego:

Je cherchais depuis longtemps un vélo beach cruiser pour le confort et le style, un vélo qui correspond a ma 1 ère passion qui est le kite surf.

Je m’intéressais également aux vélos électrique car j’avais eu l’occasion d’en essayer dans un salon du vélo. Mais j’avoue que par contre les différents vélos électrique que j’avais pu essayer ne m’avais pas séduit par leur style.

A force de recherche sur internet j’ai découvert comme par miracle l’alliance d’un vélo beach cruiser et d’un vélo électrique, la marque Pedego.

Malheureusement très peut présente en France pour le moment j’avais du mal a obtenir différentes information. J’ai donc décidé de contacter directement l’importateur Europe Mr Daniel Robinson, et la j’ai tout de suite senti que Pedego c’était du sérieux et c’était plus qu’une marque commerciale, c’est une philosophie de vie, un état d’esprits, une communauté.

J’ai tellement été content du service que j’ai décidé de commander non pas un mais deux vélos, un pour moi bien sur et un pour ma femme.

J’avoue que cela representait une belle somme d’argent et que le fait de recevoir mes vélos par correspondance ne me rassurait pas au début mais Daniel Robinson m’avait vraiment rassuré.

Je me rappel encore le jour de la livraison j’étais très excité, c’était un bonheur de déballer les cartons. Tout était parfaitement emballé et je n’ai eu aucune mauvaises surprise au contraire les vélos était encore plus beaux qu’en photo.

Je me rappel également mes premiers tours de roues ou mon vélo brillait, des gens s’arrêtaient en voiture pour me demander ou j’avais acheté un si beau vélo.

Je partage de magnifique moment avec ma femme ou on peut faire de belle ballade à a vélo sans les contraintes du vélos dans les cotes ou lorsque l’on commence a fatiguer grâce a l’assistance électrique.

La puissance de ce vélo est impressionante , et quel confort, on peut avaler les kms, juste a profiter du paysage.

Mon père en a également acheté un après avoir essayé le miens, il est également très content.

J’ai pars la suite été au salon du vélo électrique à Paris, j’ai du essayer aux moins 15 modeles différents mais aucun ne m’a procuré le même plaisir que mon classic comfot cruisers Pedego.

Le printemps est tout proche je vais enfin pour ressortir mon vélo et m’organiser de belle ballade.


English translation:

Here is my love affair with Pedego:

I was looking for a beach cruiser bike for comfort and style, a bike that corresponded with my first passion: kite surfing. I was also interested in electric bikes because I had the opportunity to try one out at a bike show.

But I confess that having compared different bikes I wasn’t taken by any of the styles. Having searched on the internet I discovered, as if by magic, the combination of a beach cruiser bicycle and electric bicycle: the Pedego brand.

Unfortunately it is not very common in France at the moment so I had a hard time getting information. I decided to contact the importer for Europe, Daniel Robinson, and I immediately realised that Pedego is more than a trademark – it is a philosophy of life, a state of mind, a community.

I was so happy with the service I decided to order not one but two bikes, one for me of course and one for my wife. I admit that it was a fair amount of money and that at first, I was unsure about buying bikes online but Daniel Robinson really reassured me.

I still recall the day of delivery. I was very excited, it was a pleasure to unpack the boxes. Everything was well packed and the only surprise I had was that the bikes were even more beautiful than in the picture.

I also recall my first few rides on my shiny bike. People pulled over to ask where I had bought such a beautiful bike. My wife and I share wonderful bike rides and we can keep going even when tired thanks to the electric power. The power of this bike is impressive and with its great comfort I can go many kilometres just enjoying the scenery.

My father also bought one after having tried mine, he is also very happy. The following summer I went to the Paris electric bike show where I tried at least 15 different models but none provided me the same pleasure as my Pedego Classic Comfort Cruiser.

Spring is so close and I’m finally getting back out for some great bike rides.

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Customer case study – Laura Young

Laura Young

Laura Young on her Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser


Laura Young says her Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser is “the best investment I have ever made”.

Not only is Laura saving money by using a greener mode of transport, she has also increased her fitness and happiness after clocking up 2000 miles in just six months.

“Psychologically and physically it works really well, I feel so chuffed with myself when I have ridden all the way to work and back,” she said. “And there are big exercise benefits which allow me to have a few treats.”

It’s a familiar story among Pedego owners, which is why the brand has become world famous for making cycling fun.

And for Laura, it made cycling safer too, as the extra power made it much easier to cross a large roundabout at the end of a motorway slip road.

“Drivers seem shocked that I can keep up with traffic,” she said. “But because I have a physical job which can be tiring, the Pedego offers the ideal solution – you can increase or decrease the amount of battery support depending on how you feel.

“I have to go to work once a week in my car to take all my tools and I don’t like it, I feel much better using the bike.”

Laura, from Hertfordshire, originally bought the bike for her husband but they both love it and so, because her husband works from home, she has been able to ride it 20 miles to work each day to a plantery over the border in Essex.

They go out cycling together at weekends as Laura also has a mountain bike, but they plan to buy a second Pedego and are looking forward to using them even more in the summer months.

Laura says the feel good factor was almost instant.

“I wasn’t particularly looking for an electric bike but it’s quite striking and most people say ‘wow what’s that?’ and ‘where did you get it?’. They have an idea electric bikes are ugly but this is beautiful.”

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Customer case study – Jonathan and Jane Blake

Jonathan and Jane Blake 1 (2)

Jonathan and Jane Blake with their Pedego Comfort Cruisers


Jonathan and Jane Blake are fans of environmentally-friendly cycling weekends away as well as exploring their local countryside in Hampshire.

Since buying Pedego Comfort Cruisers two years ago they have spent long summer days discovering many parts of the New Forest, but are just as likely to start day trips from home and regularly pop to the shops.

“The bikes have been brilliant,” says Jonathan. “We’re not using them every day, we use them for pleasure, including weekends away, days out and going in and out of the nearest town. We try and cycle in the winter because the bikes are such fun, but we like the summer most of all.”

“We cycled in our youth and while teaching in Cambridge, where there are many cyclists. Then we got a bit older and moved to Hampshire where it is quite hilly near our house. So we felt a good compromise was to get an electric bike.”

Jane likes that Pedego offers a range of colours and chose a red Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser with brown tyres. Jonathan opted for a dark blue Comfort Cruiser with black tyres. Both are enjoying the benefits of balloon features, comfy suspension saddles, padded stitched handgrips, and for Jonathan a basket on the front.

“When we were looking there was a raft of different bikes around and then we saw Pedego, we liked the look of them, very upright and very distinct,” Jonathan adds. “We have had lots of good comments as we cycle around because they are very beautiful bikes.

“As long as you’re away from the traffic the bikes are really relaxing and we have lots of cycle routes around here. As we have discovered more and more places that are separated for bikes it’s been great and the councils are getting better at providing bike lanes.”

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Customer case study – Cedric Titcombe

Cedric titcombe

Cedric Titcombe is loving his retirement, thanks to Pedego


Cedric Titcombe says his Pedego City Commuter electric bike has given him a new lease of life by helping him tackle cycling distances that had become too tough.

He is now retired but says he has no plans to slow down. In fact, he finds the distances that had started to get the better of him before Pedego are no longer a problem.

Not only has Cedric’s new bike proven invaluable to increasing his enthusiasm to get out and about in hilly Gloucestershire, but it has increased his fitness as a result.

“I’m retired, so I didn’t get my commuter bike to commute, I bought it for pleasure, and pleasure is what I get in heaps!” he says.

“I had started to find it difficult to cycle 10 miles so I thought ‘I need the help of an electric bike’ and after some research I pinned down the type which I felt offered all I needed.

“The choice was made easier when I realised Pedego Europe was based nearby AND there was a discount offered for living in the same county!”

The Pedego City Commuter is the perfect mode of transportation for people needing a quality electric bike to travel to and from work and up and down hills with ease and reliability. It combines smooth lines with a quiet, dependable motor located in the rear wheel hub.

“My advice is this: ‘Wherever you go, go PEDEGO’!”

Pedego revealed its City Commuter bike at the Interbike convention in Las Vegas, causing a flurry of excitement that has only increased since.

Today, the City Commuter has become a top-selling member of the Pedego bike family and comes in Classic and Step-Thru designs.

It differs from the cruiser electric bikes in that it offers a new specially designed battery pack and rack with integrated rear light. The wheels are larger at 28″ and more streamlined for more efficient road and commuter riding, again Schwalbe Fat Franks.

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Customer case study – Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson with her Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser


Anna Wilson confesses that her main cycling ambition is to have fun in the sun. But she has found the experience of riding her Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser so enjoyable that it encouraged her to get out and about on it more often.

“I am a lazy, fair weather biker,” she says. “But it is brilliant for me living in hilly Stroud, the extra power is very useful and I can get about quickly whenever I want to.”

Anna first discovered Pedego in California and was delighted to find the European arm of the business was based in her home town in Gloucestershire.

She bought her black Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser straight away and then convinced her partner, who lives in Los Angeles, to get one too, and he rides it every day.

“Having a Pedego is just brilliant, I bike much more and I love it. I looked at other brands, but the Pedego is definitely the best!” Anna adds.

The Step-Thru Cruiser is by far and away Pedego’s most popular bike and a favourite among Pedego staff as well. It is quite simply beautiful, a delight to ride and gathers admirers with every mile.

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Customer case study – Clare Chamberlain


Clare Chamberlain with her Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser


Clare Chamberlain had tried a number of electric bikes and almost gave up looking for the right one, before discovering that a Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser enabled her to get back in the saddle.

Clare suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) so her posture and comfort were critical factors in her decision to buy a Pedego Electric Bike.

“The seating position and comfort of the saddle, together with the upright posture of the bike, made possible with the handlebars reaching back at you, all make for the perfect bike for me,” she says.

“The seat and pedal alignment mean the knees don’t fold under the legs at an uncomfortable angle and that is absolutely fantastic. You don’t have to lean forward at all to reach the handlebars.”

Clare has enjoyed reigniting her passion for cycling and feels better as a result.

She adds: “It was important that a bike gave me the confidence to get back in the saddle after not being able to ride due to my EDS, and my Pedego gives me that 100 percent.”

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Customer case study – Janet Lee

Janet Lee 2013_cropped

Janet Lee from Brighton, with her daughter Connie, on a Pedego Comfort Cruiser


Janet Lee is a busy woman who found the hills and traffic jams of Brighton caused transport headaches. Now she rides everywhere on her Pedego Comfort Cruiser to save time and money while keeping fit.

As a hospital nurse, her journey to work involves two big hills and used to take 50 minutes on a bus. Now it takes just 15 minutes on her electric bike. And as a mother of two it’s equally important to get home quickly.

“It’s cheaper than the bus and quicker, plus it’s more fun, good exercise and the last mile home is all uphill. It’s very easy and I love nothing more than overtaking regular cyclists up a hill – it turns Brighton into Amsterdam,” Janet says.

“I wasn’t dreadfully unfit before and yet it doesn’t ever feel like hard work. Sometimes your feet don’t touch the ground during a shift and you can leave work very tired, so I’m very grateful I can get home easily.”

Janet’s colourful Pedego Comfort Cruiser is a very green mode of transport, and with balloon tyres and wide handle bars it stands out from the crowd, especially gliding up hills at 15 mph.

“It’s quirky and people stop me in the street,” Janet says. “I really like that you’re seated high and upright, it’s good for my back, it’s comfy and you get a good view of where you’re going.

“Although I bought it to use in nice weather it’s very addictive and fun so now I use it all the time, because it’s also the most convenient method of transport for this city.”

Janet bought the bike 18 months ago with the NHS through the Cycle to Work scheme.

“It was a really cost-effective way to do it, the trust bought the bike from Pedego and then I bought it from them incrementally from my pay packet.

“I looked around for which electric bike to buy but they all looked totally horrendous, they just looked heavy and ugly and functional and not what I wanted at all. Then I found Pedego and it’s beautiful, it’s exactly what I wanted.”

Janet plans to add a dog seat attachment to take family pet Nancy on rides up to the Downs.

She adds: “Put simply, there are no disadvantages, I love it!”

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Customer case study – Trevor and Hazel Boyd

Pedego_Trevor_Hazel_1 cropped

Trevor and Hazel Boyd live in rural Suffolk and say it’s the perfect place to enjoy scenic cycling on their Pedego tandem. It gives them good exercise, quality time together and a green mode of transport for meeting up with friends.

They participate in a friendly local tandem club and spend happy days exploring pleasant countryside routes as a group, including the local watering holes.

“It is certainly a conversation piece at the pubs and it’s great fun riding up hills at full speed using the battery,” says Trevor. “But it’s great exercise too, we tend to run it on low assist which is almost equivalent to a regular bike for our effort.”

Trevor and Hazel bought their Pedego tandem in 2012, when Hazel was recovering from a knee operation and found exercise more challenging.

“The knee is not back to full strength yet and we’re very cautious about putting strain on it, which is why the Pedego tandem is perfect for us, it’s a reassurance thing and we were riding it all last summer together,” Trevor added.

“I had a regular tandem for 15 years and we enjoyed cycling holidays here and abroad, we were a very energetic couple and we especially enjoyed tandem cycling.

“But after Hazel’s operation, I thought our cycling career was over, until I found out about Pedego.

“It was the only one that came up in my search, it looked attractive and it had a low stepover which was perfect, I just wanted to know if it was as good as it sounded.

“I barraged Pedego with questions and then Daniel offered to bring the bike over one weekend to try it out.

“We arranged for all our tandem friends to come over and have a go and we loved it, so I bought one. It was a very social afternoon and it certainly lived up to expectations.”

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