Customer case study – Trevor and Hazel Boyd

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Trevor and Hazel Boyd live in rural Suffolk and say it’s the perfect place to enjoy scenic cycling on their Pedego tandem. It gives them good exercise, quality time together and a green mode of transport for meeting up with friends.

They participate in a friendly local tandem club and spend happy days exploring pleasant countryside routes as a group, including the local watering holes.

“It is certainly a conversation piece at the pubs and it’s great fun riding up hills at full speed using the battery,” says Trevor. “But it’s great exercise too, we tend to run it on low assist which is almost equivalent to a regular bike for our effort.”

Trevor and Hazel bought their Pedego tandem in 2012, when Hazel was recovering from a knee operation and found exercise more challenging.

“The knee is not back to full strength yet and we’re very cautious about putting strain on it, which is why the Pedego tandem is perfect for us, it’s a reassurance thing and we were riding it all last summer together,” Trevor added.

“I had a regular tandem for 15 years and we enjoyed cycling holidays here and abroad, we were a very energetic couple and we especially enjoyed tandem cycling.

“But after Hazel’s operation, I thought our cycling career was over, until I found out about Pedego.

“It was the only one that came up in my search, it looked attractive and it had a low stepover which was perfect, I just wanted to know if it was as good as it sounded.

“I barraged Pedego with questions and then Daniel offered to bring the bike over one weekend to try it out.

“We arranged for all our tandem friends to come over and have a go and we loved it, so I bought one. It was a very social afternoon and it certainly lived up to expectations.”

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