Customer case study – Clare Chamberlain


Clare Chamberlain with her Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser


Clare Chamberlain had tried a number of electric bikes and almost gave up looking for the right one, before discovering that a Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser enabled her to get back in the saddle.

Clare suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) so her posture and comfort were critical factors in her decision to buy a Pedego Electric Bike.

“The seating position and comfort of the saddle, together with the upright posture of the bike, made possible with the handlebars reaching back at you, all make for the perfect bike for me,” she says.

“The seat and pedal alignment mean the knees don’t fold under the legs at an uncomfortable angle and that is absolutely fantastic. You don’t have to lean forward at all to reach the handlebars.”

Clare has enjoyed reigniting her passion for cycling and feels better as a result.

She adds: “It was important that a bike gave me the confidence to get back in the saddle after not being able to ride due to my EDS, and my Pedego gives me that 100 percent.”

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