Customer Case Study – Johan Christian Brun (Norway)

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Christian Brun finds that the commute to work is now ‘a piece of cake’ thanks to his Classic Comfort Cruiser.
Christian lives and works in Stavanger as an engineer for a company that serves, primarily, the offshore oil industry. When his company offices moved, parking became restricted and he was forced to find alternative transport.
“I started on a manual bike but this didn’t work for me. At 54 I’m not as young as I used to be and my legs were hurting,” he says.
“I searched the net for an electric bike and found Pedego. I liked the look of them and that they were upright with a nice comfortable seat. Many others that I had seen were narrow with hard seats and leaned forwards. These were different.”
A year later, Christian is very pleased with the choice he made and finds his Pedego comfortable, fun and easy to ride.
“I like the help the motor gives me and I tell you what, it’s faster to get to work on the bike than to drive because of the congestion,” he adds.
Christian’s bike has created plenty of interest amongst his co-workers as they are forced to reconsider their modes of transport.
“In six months’ time parking at work will be reduced to 120 spaces for 2000 people and it’s going to be tough. Many people have tried my Pedego around the office buildings here and been very impressed.”

Learn more about the Classic Comfort Cruiser here

By Lara Piper

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