Customer case study – Jonathan and Jane Blake

Jonathan and Jane Blake 1 (2)

Jonathan and Jane Blake with their Pedego Comfort Cruisers


Jonathan and Jane Blake are fans of environmentally-friendly cycling weekends away as well as exploring their local countryside in Hampshire.

Since buying Pedego Comfort Cruisers two years ago they have spent long summer days discovering many parts of the New Forest, but are just as likely to start day trips from home and regularly pop to the shops.

“The bikes have been brilliant,” says Jonathan. “We’re not using them every day, we use them for pleasure, including weekends away, days out and going in and out of the nearest town. We try and cycle in the winter because the bikes are such fun, but we like the summer most of all.”

“We cycled in our youth and while teaching in Cambridge, where there are many cyclists. Then we got a bit older and moved to Hampshire where it is quite hilly near our house. So we felt a good compromise was to get an electric bike.”

Jane likes that Pedego offers a range of colours and chose a red Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser with brown tyres. Jonathan opted for a dark blue Comfort Cruiser with black tyres. Both are enjoying the benefits of balloon features, comfy suspension saddles, padded stitched handgrips, and for Jonathan a basket on the front.

“When we were looking there was a raft of different bikes around and then we saw Pedego, we liked the look of them, very upright and very distinct,” Jonathan adds. “We have had lots of good comments as we cycle around because they are very beautiful bikes.

“As long as you’re away from the traffic the bikes are really relaxing and we have lots of cycle routes around here. As we have discovered more and more places that are separated for bikes it’s been great and the councils are getting better at providing bike lanes.”

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