Customer case study – Laura Young

Laura Young

Laura Young on her Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser


Laura Young says her Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser is “the best investment I have ever made”.

Not only is Laura saving money by using a greener mode of transport, she has also increased her fitness and happiness after clocking up 2000 miles in just six months.

“Psychologically and physically it works really well, I feel so chuffed with myself when I have ridden all the way to work and back,” she said. “And there are big exercise benefits which allow me to have a few treats.”

It’s a familiar story among Pedego owners, which is why the brand has become world famous for making cycling fun.

And for Laura, it made cycling safer too, as the extra power made it much easier to cross a large roundabout at the end of a motorway slip road.

“Drivers seem shocked that I can keep up with traffic,” she said. “But because I have a physical job which can be tiring, the Pedego offers the ideal solution – you can increase or decrease the amount of battery support depending on how you feel.

“I have to go to work once a week in my car to take all my tools and I don’t like it, I feel much better using the bike.”

Laura, from Hertfordshire, originally bought the bike for her husband but they both love it and so, because her husband works from home, she has been able to ride it 20 miles to work each day to a plantery over the border in Essex.

They go out cycling together at weekends as Laura also has a mountain bike, but they plan to buy a second Pedego and are looking forward to using them even more in the summer months.

Laura says the feel good factor was almost instant.

“I wasn’t particularly looking for an electric bike but it’s quite striking and most people say ‘wow what’s that?’ and ‘where did you get it?’. They have an idea electric bikes are ugly but this is beautiful.”

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