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PHOTO CAPTION: Roger Gaspar is getting fitter and loving his retirement with Pedego


Roger Gaspar’s perfect day involves cycling, sailing and a sea breeze – and thanks to Pedego his dream has become a reality.

He damaged his knee in a swimming pool a few years ago, but his mobility and fitness have improved with regular exercise on his City Commuter electric bike.

Roger, aged 66, is a retired police officer who lives on Mersea Island in Essex and bought his Pedego last year to try and keep as fit as possible – especially when the island gets cut off by the tide.

He said: “It changed my attitude to cycling. I needed a bike to get around the village, to the yacht club for sailing and to climb a stiff little hill on the way back up. I now find my knee has improved a lot, without strain on the joint, which has aided my walking too.”

Roger described his Pedego purchase as a ‘bold investment’ but he is delighted and now enjoys cycling all year round.

“I really like the bike, it’s convenient in the summer and I use it in winter as well – it is brilliant into a headwind. My ideal day is to go down to the yacht club, go sailing for the day and inevitably there will be a sea breeze, I’m pretty shattered by the end of it and the Pedego is perfect to get me around the island.

“I also like the style, a lot of e-bikes have elongated frames and I never liked that design, whereas the Pedego is a classic British style of bike, is a good quality design and I like the extra features too.”

One recent challenge was having to explain to his grandson James that he couldn’t take the bike to university.

Roger joked: “He loves riding it and asked me but I had to say no, I wouldn’t want to be without it.”

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