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Steve Lund has explored miles and miles of Gloucestershire countryside he would never have seen without his Pedego Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser.

He regularly takes detours to extend his commute – and once got home so quickly he turned around and cycled back again, just for fun!

He has cycled 1,000 miles in just six months and loved every minute, but it was due to a serious injury that he first discovered the joy of owning a Pedego electric bike.

“I had a back operation in 2010 and needed to do a bit of cycling, but I didn’t fancy a fixed bike in a gym and the hills around Stroud were quite daunting, then I saw someone riding a Pedego and they looked really stylish,” he says.

“In 2012 the car finally failed its MOT and I decided not to buy another car, I bought a Pedego instead and I don’t regret it for a second, it’s my only mode of transport and it’s terrific, really wonderful.”

Steve commutes 12 miles a day to Ruskin Mill College in Gloucestershire, where he is a student journey manager. He also enjoys a longer ride most weekends, pops into town regularly and shoulders a bag for the supermarket run.

“The best thing about it is getting to places where I wouldn’t ordinarily have gone, near enough every day coming home from work I’ll explore new routes,” he adds.

“Quite often I’ll cycle up over the common and I’ll do a longer ride once a week to Cirencester or Cheltenham, particularly in the better weather. I don’t like getting home too quickly because it is so much fun!

“It always attracts attention when I’m riding around with a big smile and I’m never short of people who stop and ask about the bike when I take it to the pub.”

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