Customer case study – Tapio Lehto (Finland)

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PHOTO CAPTION: Tapio Lehto, the first Pedego owner in Finland


Tapio Lehto is proud to be the first person in Finland to own a Pedego and describes his Step-Thru Comfort Cruiser as “the best bike ever”.

He works as Head Greenkeeper on a golf course and it takes about 15 minutes to cycle to work each day with his electric bike. After a hard day’s work he enjoys the flexibility of being able to choose the right support setting for his energy levels, so he can combine just the right amount of exercise and enjoyment every time.

“The best thing about Pedego is that you don’t have to sweat if you don’t want to, but when I cycle back home I use a lower adjusting mode and get some kind of exercise going on (if I want to),” he says.

Tapio bought his bike from Pedego Europe, based in the UK, which arranged for the bike to be delivered to his door.

“Here in Finland they don’t sell Pedego and my bike was the first Pedego at that time last year,” Tapio adds.

“Pedego was very helpful and I am very happy, I wonder what I did before I had an electric bike, I probably used my car which was a lot less fun.

“It is sweet to go uphill and lean back, smile and overtake some normal cyclists with full throttle on. I can listen to the birds singing and smell the newly mowed grass, with wind in my hair and a smile on my face as I continue my journey towards the new adventures with my best bike ever!”

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