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Janet Lee from Brighton, with her daughter Connie, on a Pedego Comfort Cruiser


Janet Lee is a busy woman who found the hills and traffic jams of Brighton caused transport headaches. Now she rides everywhere on her Pedego Comfort Cruiser to save time and money while keeping fit.

As a hospital nurse, her journey to work involves two big hills and used to take 50 minutes on a bus. Now it takes just 15 minutes on her electric bike. And as a mother of two it’s equally important to get home quickly.

“It’s cheaper than the bus and quicker, plus it’s more fun, good exercise and the last mile home is all uphill. It’s very easy and I love nothing more than overtaking regular cyclists up a hill – it turns Brighton into Amsterdam,” Janet says.

“I wasn’t dreadfully unfit before and yet it doesn’t ever feel like hard work. Sometimes your feet don’t touch the ground during a shift and you can leave work very tired, so I’m very grateful I can get home easily.”

Janet’s colourful Pedego Comfort Cruiser is a very green mode of transport, and with balloon tyres and wide handle bars it stands out from the crowd, especially gliding up hills at 15 mph.

“It’s quirky and people stop me in the street,” Janet says. “I really like that you’re seated high and upright, it’s good for my back, it’s comfy and you get a good view of where you’re going.

“Although I bought it to use in nice weather it’s very addictive and fun so now I use it all the time, because it’s also the most convenient method of transport for this city.”

Janet bought the bike 18 months ago with the NHS through the Cycle to Work scheme.

“It was a really cost-effective way to do it, the trust bought the bike from Pedego and then I bought it from them incrementally from my pay packet.

“I looked around for which electric bike to buy but they all looked totally horrendous, they just looked heavy and ugly and functional and not what I wanted at all. Then I found Pedego and it’s beautiful, it’s exactly what I wanted.”

Janet plans to add a dog seat attachment to take family pet Nancy on rides up to the Downs.

She adds: “Put simply, there are no disadvantages, I love it!”

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