Free Delivery

Delivery is completely free of charge to customers purchasing directly from us too anywhere in Europe.

Time of Delivery

To the UK mainland it’s a next day delivery service. To Continental Europe it’s 2-4 working days.

When Your Bike Arrives

  • The Bike will arrive flat packed and protected in it’s box. The box is obviously large and heavy. It is advised that two people manage the removal of the bike and its preparation.
  • Cut the strapping and any tape and open the lid of the box.
  • Your user manual will be stuck on the inside of the lid. Take this out you may need to use it as a guide.
  • Remove all loose contents including styrofoam packaging, except the bike. This includes the front wheel and mudguard, 1 box with your charger, pedals, tool kit and touch up paint, a safety bag and any other accessories you have ordered.
  • Remove all packaging and mudguard from the front wheel so it is ready to fit.
  • With just the bike remaining tip the box on its end with the rear wheel on the floor, then roll the bike backwards out the box. This is where help is advised.
  • Note that the bike without a front wheel will not be able to stand upright. Place the front wheel on the bike first and put the kick stand down. See user manual for details of front wheel mounting.

Finish Preparation

Your bike will be fully prepared, the tyres will even one pumped up. All you need to do is:

  • Tighten front wheel with size 15 spanner provided.
  • Mount the handlebars – Simply align and clamp firmly with allen key provided.
  • Put the pedals on (left and right specific)
  • Mount the front mudguard with size 10 spanner and allen key provided. Screw driver for the side fittings.

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