Firstly, it’s important to stress that if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Pedego staff are here to help and trained to trouble shoot any problem you may have.

The Fight Against Corrosion

electric bike protection against corrosion

Your Pedego will be fully built and tested before packing and delivery. Part of this process includes application of a strong anti-corrosion fluid called ACF50 to vulnerable parts. Over time parts such as the chain can exhibit corrosion. We apply an industrial strength anti-corrosion fluid to all bikes before delivery to protect and lubricate. Depending on frequency of use reapply every 3-6 months.

On-going Maintenance

Despite electric components there are no maintenance headaches associated with Pedego Electric Bikes. The principle concerns are still the key bicycle components such as your brakes and gears. After regular use they will need tightening and tuning.

The components we use for these key elements are high quality and well known across the bicycle industry. If you are not near a Pedego dealer simply take the bike to your local bike shop who should be more than competent to perform all regular bike maintenance and servicing requirements. THIS WILL NOT AFFECT ANY WARRANTY CLAIMS.

If any work is done by a third party under warranty we will pay the bike shop for their work.

The adjustments to keep them tight and tuned are extremely simple, no more complex than pumping up a tyre. Yes, that simple. We have hopefully laid out some easy to follow guides below. Don’t be put off to make such adjustments yourself it’s ridiculously easy, even the least technically minded will be able to maintain their Pedegos’ brakes and gears.

Recommended Service Schedule

After 100 miles bring your bike back to us or have it checked. A brand new bike can exhibit a loose screw here and there after a little use, which would not be detectable when it’s first prepared. This will be done free of charge and take no more than 10 minutes.

After 800-900 miles we recommend a first full service.

We recommend every 12 months to have the bike serviced after that.

When you purchase your bike we will create a “Sales and Service” record for it.

Electric Components

All the bikes electric components are wired together modularly with quick release nodes to allow easy removal and replacement. Should an electrical component become faulty or damaged it’s a simple process to replace them.

You can see in the photos below the quick release node some 6-8 inches down the wire from the control panel. These are water tight but can be pulled apart.

To reattach align the two arrows and push together.

In this case the control panel can simply be removed form the handlebars with the appropriately sized allen key. See the photos for details.

If the bikes “system” develops a fault the bike can self diagnose the problem. It will report a code to you on the control panel. See the photo below show “error 06”. Report the code to us and we can diagnose the problem and take the appropriate steps.

Supply of Spare Parts 

We are fully stocked with every parts used on our bikes down to the last nuts and bolts.

Repair and Maintenance Videos 

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