NEWS: Stroud landlord gives ‘life-changing’ bike pride of place in pub

Miles Connolly outside the Prince Albert pub in Rodborough near Stroud 1

Miles Connolly outside the Prince Albert pub in Rodborough near Stroud

A pub landlord has mounted a bright orange bike on the wall of his Gloucestershire watering hole because he credits it with changing his life.

Miles Connolly says he gets 10 times more exercise and feels 10 years younger thanks to regular exercise on his Pedego electric bike.

He has clocked up more than 500 miles in the past six months and when he is not climbing hills in and around Stroud, the bike gets pride of place in the Prince Albert pub in Rodborough.

Miles, aged 47, said: “It has been a life-changer, it’s a great idea and I do all my running around on the bike now as I have panniers fitted, I very rarely use my car.

“I have had lots of great comments from people when they see it in the pub, and when I’m out on the road – because the battery is so discreet – people think my fitness has come on leaps and bounds!”

The Pedego Comfort Cruiser was first used by Miles to complete a charity cycle ride from The Retreat pub in Cheltenham to the Retreat pub in Stroud, a journey of around 16 miles, which he has done for the past 20 years but was finding tougher to complete.

Miles added: “I wanted to borrow an electric bike for the cycle ride but I loved it so much I couldn’t give it back, so I bought it. It was particularly useful going up Leckhampton Hill in Cheltenham.

“I wouldn’t have made this change if the bike wasn’t electric. I get 10 times more exercise than I did before, because the choice was to take the car or walk so I always took the car.”

Pedego is the world’s most renowned electric bicycle and its European distributor is Daniel Robinson, who is also based near Stroud.

He said: “Miles asked if he could borrow an electric bike and I said yes without hesitation. One of my greatest pleasures is seeing people ride a Pedego electric bicycle for the first time – the joy and surprise from Miles at just how good it was brought me a smile too.”

“Electric bikes make cycling more accessible to everyone, combining the comfort and leisure of an automatic vehicle with the freedom and excitement of a classic bicycle. They are simple to operate, fun, good exercise and get you from place to place with minimal fuss, free parking, zero emissions and freedom from gridlock.”

Pedego is offering a 10% discount on Pedego electric bicycles to all residents of Gloucestershire.

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