Pedego Tandem – 2 years of happy use

Electric Tandem BikeWe have now had our Pedego tandem for two years which is enough time to get over the initial euphoria and look objectively on our experiences and rating of this machine.

From the beginning it has been great fun to ride and has replaced the car for reasonably local journeys (up to about 15 miles) subject to weather conditions and we frequently use it for journeys up to about 35 miles round trip and sometimes further. We fitted saddlebags and use the Pedego for local shopping. As we live just West of London, where the facilities for cycling have improved in recent years, we sometimes use the Pedego to go into London for lunch or dinner or just to look around.

It looks very good and does attract rather a lot of attention and even if we leave it parked we often see people taking photos of it. The ride is good even off road and probably helped by the big tyres. The saddles are very comfortable, certainly the most comfortable we have ever had. The posture is also very good and very important for us in selecting any bike. Brakes and lights good.

electric tandem bikesWe mainly use the Pedego function at power levels 2 and 3 as much of our cycling is off road and the surfaces are  not good enough for higher speeds but nevertheless we are faster than most cyclists and can get up even the steepest hills. One of the great pleasures is to sail past the Lycra clad enthusiasts on their light weight bicycles as they struggle up the steeper hills in Richmond Park.

With careful use we get well over 50km of battery life per charge which is fine for our purposes because the tandem is quite heavy and without the battery it is heavy going up hill. The battery still seems as good as when we first purchased the Pedego.

Problems have been minor and rapidly corrected. Initially we had a few problems with the gear changing but a quick visit to the local cycle shop sorted that out immediately.

electric tandem bike londonRattling – we asked for the tandem to be fitted with a chain guard and initially had some rattling over bumps due to the chain touching the chain guard, however this was easily sorted within 10 minutes by putting adhesive felt along the inside top of the chain

Spokes – we had a few broken spokes in the early days as we neglected the advice to tighten the spokes after the first few hundred miles.

Pedego Europe have been very helpful in giving advice and providing spares whenever we had a problem or question.

We also have a normal tandem and a triplet (like the Goodies’ bike) and we see cycling not just as a method of transport but also as an important part of a healthy lifestyle based on the view that diet and exercise are the two most important inputs to a healthy life. So we are sometimes asked if having an electric bicycle is cheating as one does not get so much exercise as with a normal bicycle. In our own circumstances the answer is quite clear. Using the Pedego tandem is such a pleasant experience we very frequently use it on occasions where in the past we would have used the car or where the journey length would have been outside our comfort zone. Furthermore using a low level of power-assist, especially on steeper hills there is certainly sufficient exercise to raise the heart rate substantially; consequently our usual journeys not only leave our legs telling us that we have done significant work but also satisfied that the increase in heart rate and continuous exercise have contributed positively to our cardiovascular health. Everyone is different and the electric bike permits each individual to choose the level of exercise he or she wants in getting from A to B.

Electric tandem bicycleThat’s all, the Pedego Tandem is a great bike, we are certainly happy that we bought it and it is giving us much pleasure as a method of transport, a leisure activity and a means of exercise.

Michael Flynn

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